Make a Donation

Giving back is one of the most powerful
expressions of compassion.

It is simple to make a donation to the SJGH Foundation:

To make an online donation:

or you can submit a donation via the mail or drop off:

1. Select the “Giving Form” below to download a PDF
     (Form Example Shown)

2. Print and fill out the form

3. Either mail in or drop off the completed form and
     donation to San Joaquin General Hospital.


San Joaquin General Hospital Foundation
is a non-profit organization.

All Gifts Are Tax Deductible

Tax ID #47-1409611

San Joaquin General Hospital Foundation is an independent fund raising entity for the Hospital and its services to County residents. Foundation accounting activities are not to be associated with San Joaquin General Hospital’s general accounting or financial opperations to provide medical services.

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