General Information

The San Joaquin General Hospital, Family Medicine Residency Program is community-based, affiliated with the University of California at Davis, and is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME). The program has a 40-year history of providing excellent health care and outstanding clinical education in all aspects of Family Medicine. The hospital itself has an even longer history of education extending to the 1930s. Modern additions to the hospital have made it a contemporary state of the art facility.

Located in the semi-rural town of French Camp, the hospital is positioned in the geographic center of the county to provide service to our entire community. 50 miles south of Sacramento, 80 miles east of San Francisco, and minutes from Stockton, we are situated to enjoy the full range of activities afforded by California's Central Valley, Coast and Mountain Ranges.

The program enjoys a collegial relationship with all departments of the hospital, and has long had the support of the administration and the hospitals governing board. Residents here have considerable autonomy with excellent faculty supervision and support, and are exposed to a wide range of educational opportunities.

Surgical innovation has revolutionized patient care. Dr. Vyas’ work has continuously given him the opportunity to work on next generation of instruments to make surgeries safer for patients. Dr. Vyas’ publications clearly outline his work and commitment to safe surgeries.

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Asma Jafri, MD,

Program Director

Goals & Philosophy

The Family Medicine Residency Program at San Joaquin General Hospital began in 1972. With seven residents in each year, the program is one of three residencies at the hospital. The others are in Internal Medicine and Surgery.

The basic educational objective of the Family Medicine program is to develop progressive out-patient and inpatient competence with particular attention to ambulatory medicine. The curriculum meets all ACGME criteria and provides enough flexibility to meet individual resident needs. Graduates of the program have gone on to participate in all practice styles: private practice, family medicine groups, multi-specialty groups, HMOs, rural practice, and post- residency fellowships. Alumni have taken their skills to diverse population centers ranging from rural Northern California to large urban and suburban areas. Graduate surveys indicate that the training received in the San Joaquin General Hospital Family Medicine Residency Program has provided the experience needed for success in varied settings.

Both the educational and clinical components of this residency are designed to provide maximum opportunities for “hands-on learning and delivery of patient care while at the same time giving each resident ready access to attending supervision in both the ambulatory and inpatient setting. This assures the development of appropriate confidence and competence as residents progress through the program.

Community Description

San Joaquin General Hospital is located in an agricultural area that is rich in opportunities for diverse recreational activities. Stockton, a city of 290,000, is the most inland, deep water seaport on the west coast, and has 1,000 miles of navigable Delta waterways with parks, camping and recreational facilities. Water sports such as boating, sailing, fishing, skiing, kayaking, wind surfing, and rafting are popular. San Joaquin County, with a population of 690,000, has a multi-cultural population of various national origins and socioeconomic groups. Our hospital serves among other groups, a large Hispanic population, including many migrant workers, many Southeast Asians from Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, and Thailand, and a growing population from the Indian sub-continent. The climate offers very pleasant spring and fall weather, hot, dry summers and very mild winters with occasional fog and rain.

Family Medicine Center

The Cesar Chavez Family Medicine Center (FMC) is located in the Health Center North, a modern outpatient building adjacent to the hospital. This wing is shared with other primary care and specialty clinics. And among other conveniences, it has antenatal testing/ultrasound equipment, casting room, laboratory drawing station, imaging center, patient education facilities, administrative offices and a Medicaid office.

In addition to 18 exam rooms, the FMC has a procedure room, and an office laboratory. The preceptor's room is equipped with a library, computers with internet access, and a closed circuit TV system. The conference room, faculty and administrative offices are also conveniently located in the same building.

The FMC has approximately 19,000 patient visits per year. Our population is representative of the racial and socioeconomic diversity of California. Because of our location, we serve both urban and rural populations.

Each resident cares for a group of families and follows them throughout the three years of residency. This patient panel is developed through transfers from graduating residents and new patient referrals. We see all types of patients, from pre-conception visits to end-of-life care, from health conscious, compliant and socioeconomically secure to challenging patients with high-risk behaviors. This exposure to acute and chronic, common and rare conditions assures the continuous intellectual and skill development of our residents.