Program Overview

Our Goal

The goal of the Family Medicine Residency Program is to produce fully competent physicians capable of providing high quality care to their patients. The residency provides the opportunity for the residents to learn in multiple settings (e.g., hospital, ambulatory settings, emergency rooms, home and long-term care facilities), those skills and procedures that are within the scope of family medicine. The residency prepares residents for lifelong learning. The overall program educational goals are:

  • To develop and nurture resident physicians to become proficient family physicians by creating a three-year well supervised residency training program with progressive clinical responsibilities. To insure an ethically respectful, culturally sensitive, supportive, and academically rigorous environment. To train resident physicians to work independently and competently in different practice settings.
  • To provide an opportunity for resident physicians to explore and develop future academic careers through teaching medical students, supervising junior residents, and participating in faculty and resident research.
  • To promote the use of evidence-based-medicine and information technology to improve medical care that is patient-centered and patient-outcome-oriented.
  • To promote a stimulating and supportive environment for faculty-development, through personal mentoring, scholarly activities and specific workshops to meet individual faculty need and interest.

Our focus as a residency is to train and support learners who:*

  • Innovate
  • Persevere
  • Analyze and solve problems
  • Take calculated risks
  • Collaborate
  • Learn from failures

The messages that we transmit through our daily teaching are:<

  • When you fail you are learning.
  • Learners are active participants and creators, not mere consumers of knowledge.
  • Learners acquire skills and knowledge while solving problems, questioning facts, creating new ways of doing things or generating a new understanding (ideas).

As a residency we want to foster the development of passion and purpose:

  • Discovery-based learning leads to passion
  • Discovery based learning is done through progressive mastery of skills while doing hands-on work in a supportive interdisciplinary environment. The absence of a supportive environment leads to learner frustration and dissatisfaction and prevents the development of passion.
  • Passion evolves into purpose.

*Modified from: Educating the Next Steve Jobs, The Wall Street Journal, April 13, 2012

Mission Statement

  • To educate resident physicians in an ethically sound and academic environment.
  • To provide quality patient care while ensuring the safety and dignity of our patients without regard to pay status, age, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or national origin.
  • To mentor our residents and provide for their professional growth as physicians and leaders in the health care community.

Vision Statement

  • Be a recognized patient centered medical home in the community.
  • Be a desirable workplace where the common and individual goals of the physicians and staff are met.
  • Be a model-practice where comprehensive management and efficiency are exemplified.